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Mission Statement

Living Healthy Medical’s mission is to utilize the most advanced scientific validated diagnostics and therapeutics for patients to live healthier, look and feel younger and to heal with God’s healing touch physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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LIVING HEALTHY MEDICAL has been delivering results for our patients since we opened in 2012. Our goal is to provide both a superior patient experience while delivering superlative results.

Living Healthy Means Living Well. Call 770-285-1540  today and schedule your consultation with our doctor.

At Living Healthy Medical we strive to help our patients achieve their highest health and well-being potential. Being Healthy is not just one thing, nor is it the same for everyone. Your level of health is as individual as you are. Our job is to help you find the most effective ways to reach that optimal level no matter where you currently are.


There are two important factors at stake…your health and our reputation!

Health is a journey, not a destination and although instantaneous results may sometimes occur, one should not expect that as the norm. Even after other healing methods have failed, the body, once given the chance to heal, the techniques used can produce results nothing short of miraculous. I would much rather not accept you as a patient, than to fail to obtain maximum results. That is one of the reasons why I accept only those patients who will combine forces with me to work as a team to achieve their advanced health and wellness goals. Call 770-285-1540  today and schedule your consultation with our doctor.

In order to achieve maximum results, it is very important that you cooperate with all the instructions. YOUR HEALTH IS ULTIMATELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. We will do our best to coach you and provide you with all the necessary information for you to reach your goals concerning your health.

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How quickly you respond depends on several factors:

Your age and length of time you’ve had health problems
Type of health challenges
Physical limitations
Cooperation in keeping your scheduled appointments
Willingness to follow instructions

With those factors in mind, we recommend the following in your case:

90-day Program
60-day Program
30-day Program

Call 770-285-1540  today and schedule your consultation with our doctor.



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