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10-day Outpatient Detox and Brain Restoration for Addiction,
Burnout/Stress, Chronic Pain and PTSD.

Take the First Step in Recovery with NTR Brain Restoration.

Next, a Treatment Plan Designed Just for You.

First Step:

10-day NTR Detox. This nutrition-assisted detox doesn't use drugs to get off of drugs or alcohol. It works naturally to detox the body and repair the brain. Get the physical part under control with NTR and you're better prepared for what comes next.

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Next Steps:

Plan Designed Just for You. It’s outdated to think that there's only one way to help people get control of their life. We work with you on a very personal basis to design a recovery plan that specifically targets the areas you need help with and the tools to achieve your desired outcome. Difficult schedules to contend with? Bring it on!

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#1 Reported Risk of Relapse: Cravings.
It's why getting them under control is our first course of action.
Clients report and studies have shown, NTR also helps:
- Minimize withdrawal symptoms
- Relieve anxiety and depression
- Improve mental clarity
Increase optimism and a sense of well-being.
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