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NAD and Pain Management

Many people in America struggle with chronic pain. The types of pain they experience are vast and varied from non-constant and tolerable to never-ending pain that can be massively debilitating.

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What causes these types of pain come from many underlying conditions and are quite varied. For so many this can become the root of why we experience pain. The good news is that NAD is proven to be safe and effective in the management of all types of pain without the risk of becoming addicted to dangerous painkillers. Some common things that can cause pain include:

Nerve Damage
Multiple Sclerosis
Auto Accident Injuries
Sports Injuries

We experience pain in our brain when nerves send a signal that something is wrong. An injured ligament or tendon or cut will quickly send a pain signal to our brains which ensures that we will pay attention to protect and limit further damage to the area, and it works. Stick your hand in a fire and if your pain signaling process is working, you won’t do it again. Other types of pain, such as those that come from Fybromalgia or diabetic neuropathy are not as short-lived and become chronic and constantly in our minds.

Pain from neuropathy is a result of nerves that have been damaged. When these nerves have been damaged at this level the result is poor communication between the brain and a constant, nagging and unending pain. NAD can play a positive role in the management of this type of pain by modulating pain receptors and neurotransmitters back to normal levels as well as having a restorative effect on nerve tissue.


“I’m a musician and songwriter rap artist. I wanted to try the NAD therapy after I heard it could help you become more in tune. I found Living Healthy medical and Dr Johns on the Internet. I recommend this program for anyone like myself in music and or just wants to get their mind sharper. Now I’m up earlier, I’m writing more and more focused on my business. I want to thank Dr. Johns for this program I’m so glad I found him this is great. I’m going to continue with the NAD.”


“I’m a graduate student at a major university in Atlanta Georgia. I do extreme sports and injured my shoulder in a mountain biking accident. I had to have surgery and afterwards I was prescribed percocet. I found myself after a few months continue taking the percocet not for pain, but because I liked the way they made me feel. I started having problems remembering. This was affecting my classes at the University. I had to do something. A friend of mine, who experienced a similar situation had gone through the NAD therapy and had great success. I found Dr Johns on the Internet and scheduled the program. In less than a week I no longer needed the Percocets, I was feeling great and my memory was greatly improved. I’m glad I found this program. The NAD program by Living Healthy Medical is fantastic. It helped improve my memory and recall for my classes. More importantly, the NAD helped me not be depended on those Percocets. Thanks Living Healthy Medical.”

-David E

For a no cost, no obligation consultation call 470-533-8558