Client Testimonials

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What our clients are saying about NAD Therapy

“Wow! This NAD therapy is incredible. I feel more alert and all my senses are sharper. I am 42 YOA and I feel like I did when I was in my 20’s after having NAD.”



“As an athlete, I noticed immediately after having the NAD treatment, I was able to get up in the morning and be alert and I have continued each day ever since. I also have noticed I’m more focused both on my sport and my classes.”


“After having NAD my brain seemed sharper and my memory was noticeably improved. I will continue this treatment for prevention of memory loss. Also, I just feel really good, and younger. Thanks, Dr. Johns.”


“I’m a successful 54 yr old businessman. I had researched how NAD could help your memory and help you feel younger. This NAD is great. After the treatment, it was exactly what Dr. Johns said. Now I feel younger. I am more alert in my decision making in my business. I recommend Dr. Johns’ plan for anyone who wants to increase their edge. Thank you, Dr. Johns.”


“This NAD therapy optimizes your neurotransmitters in your brain and affects your whole body and enables you to have an increased sense of wellbeing.”



“I started my elderly mom 81 YOA and dad 85 YOA on NAD and noticed within a week both of their memories were improved and have continue to improve. Also, their care givers are amazed. My dad, who was experiencing some slurred speech has now improved using Dr. Johns protocol.”


“I was in special services in the military. I suffered with PTS. My sister found out about Dr. Johns’ protocol with NAD and said it could help with PTS. I went through the program and it was fantastic. I feel so much better. I feel like I have a new lease on life. I recommend Dr. Johns’ program for any of my military brothers who are suffering. Thank you, Dr. Johns.”


Share The Good News of NAD With Friends!