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10-day Outpatient Detox and Brain Restoration for Addiction,
Burnout/Stress, Chronic Pain and PTSD.

Dr. Gary Johns

President and founder of Living Healthy Medical, Gary Johns is an Atlanta native physician who has practiced for 30 years. His specialty is removing nerve interference to the central nervous system. He has worked with individuals with substance abuse for the last 13 years.

Over the years Dr. Johns has developed a protocol which increases the performance of the central nervous system which has proven to increase performance in many patients, including some professional athletes. Bearing in mind that we have an epidemic of young adults suffering from substance abuse, he understands that cravings must stop first and developed the therapy to address that.   Today that protocol, which includes cold laser therapy for the central nervous system, a high-tech system to determine nutrients and foods deficient as well as necessary for each individual patient and the neurotransmitter restoration infusion program which is highly effective for cutting cravings.  Dr. Johns’ mission is to help individuals reach their highest potential: mind, body and spirit.