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Dr. Gary Johns

dr.jpgDr. Gary M. Johns is an Atlanta native who began practicing chiropractic in Atlanta in 1986. He began by working in three clinics under three different mentors. In 1987 he opened his own practice, Atlanta Health Service Inc., where he was the CEO of the medical and chiropractic facility from1986-2000.

1995 Dr. Johns opened his second facility, in Jackson, Georgia, Chiropractic Back Alignment. The clinic was a custom designed eighteen wheeler specifically for the trucking industry. He sold that successful practice in 2000.

After 12 years of successfully practicing in Atlanta, Dr. Johns moved to the north Georgia Mountains with his family.  He saw how patient's health and well-being were being dramatically improved through a variety of new techniques.

Dr. Johns opened his first wellness center location inside a north Georgia  resort. For the first time, he began a wellness program to include the correction of six possible areas of interferences to the body. These areas include structure, nutrition, electromagnetic radiation, emotions, allergic sensitivity and detoxification. In addition, an exciting new piece of equipment had recently been approved by the FDA for pain reduction, the digital laser. The results were astounding. Patients were dramatically improving and wellness goals were being reached in a shorter period of time. These exciting results gave patients the opportunity to achieve a higher level of health and well-being.

Next, Dr. Johns began lecturing about the use of the digital laser and sickness prevention to groups and doctors, which led to consulting with doctors on how to incorporate wellness and prevention into their practices.

Dr. Johns  saw dramatic results in correction of carpel tunnel problems, frozen shoulders and lumbar disc conditions and a host of other medical maladies. In addition, he saw third degree burns diminish overnight with no pain, as well as reduced recovery time in accidents and trauma. Through incorporating the release of emotional blocks and the correction of nerve interference and balancing nutrition, overall wellness for the patient was reached much faster and with greater results. He has taken his vision to professional athletes such as hockey players, boxers, football players.  He has produced videos for corporations  to enhance prevention and wellness in corporate America and consulted with numerous Fortune 500 companies. Also, he has assembled a team of medical personnel, body trainers, and wellness physicians to serve individuals and companies,  to reach a higher standard of overall wellness individually and corporately.